HitBit Series 1


The Slimmest, Lightest, Longest-Lasting Vape Ever

Say goodbye to those vapes that die out right when you need them most. HitBit is changing the game. When fully charged, our ultra-slim, lightweight HitBit Vape will last 2-3x longer than what you’re used to. The HitBit Series 1 also serves as a dual-purpose device due to it’s industry wide pod compatibility and adjustable voltage. Make the switch to our vape and grab some HitBit CBD-pods while you’re at it. Get ready to experience the perfect hit that lasts and lasts!

Main Functionality:

  • Variable voltage (3 settings)
  • Pre-heat setting for CBD
  • Low battery red indicator light
  • Full battery green indicator light
  • 650 maH battery
  • Micro-USB charging

Product Description

HitBit Series 1


  • Ultra-slim & lightweight
  • Variable voltage
  • 650 maH battery
  • Micro USB charging
  • 1.5 – 2-hr charging time
  • Compatible with HitBit CBD Pods & JUUL Pods


  • High-quality vape
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Secure payment processing


  • 1 rechargeable vape
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 user manual

Color: Black

Weight: 0.6kg


  • Yellow = 2.5V
  • Green = 3.0V
  • Blue = 3.4V
  • Red = 3.8V


  • Press 5 times: power on/off
  • Press 3 times: adjust voltage
  • Press 2 times: preheat



Your Series 1 works best when it’s fully charged. How do you know when the battery is full? 




The green indicator light will be lit when your Series 1 is fully charged.


The red indicator light will be lit when your Series 1 battery is low. (When your battery life is less than 30%, the light will flash red for 2 seconds after each puff. The light will keep flashing until the device goes dead.)


  1. Insert your pod into the Series 1. You should hear a click. Once the pod is in, do not wiggle it or take it back out, as that could cause the pod to leak.
  2. Push button 5 times rapidly to power on.
  3. Push the button 3 times rapidly to adjust voltage. Choose your voltage based on coil type:
    1. 2.5V (Yellow LED): Glass Fiber Coil (CBD, Nicotine-free pods)
    2. 3.0V/3.4V/3.8V (Green LED, Blue LED, Red LED) = Ceramic Coils (CBD, THC)
  4. Toggle through the voltages until you find the one thats right for you.
  5. You can now take a drag while holding the button down. This is a harder hitting device so it requires you to actually take a solid drag. It could burn the pod if you don’t hit it hard enough. Also, make sure to only hold the button down while you are inhaling.


Juul-Compatible Vapes with Amazing Battery Life: How it Started

Nothing kills your buzz faster than a dead battery.

We’ve all been there. You’re puffing on your vape. You’re feeling great.

But then … your good vibes are shattered the moment the red light of death comes on.


Chad Dearman, a new tech entrepreneur, was a Juul user who became frustrated with the Juul’s* one-pod battery life.


He hated how the charge only seemed to last through one pod. And he had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that it wasn’t very healthy to be using nicotine anyway, even though Juul’s marketing seemed to indicate that vapes are healthier than combustible cigarettes.


He would soon realize that many others shared his thoughts, fears and desires about nicotine vaping – and there was a huge and exciting opportunity to change the entire industry.


As a passionate vaping enthusiast and a veteran in the e-commerce industry, Dearman was well positioned to create a home run. He worked closely with manufacturers to design a new innovation: a lightweight, super-slim vape that delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience – with a very long-lasting battery life.


Through this new innovation, Dearman has taken the opportunity to further capitalize and make his mark in the industry by influencing Juul users to make the switch to his very own CBD-infused vape pods, while giving them a similar experience to Juul with a longer battery life and “arguably” a significant decrease in health risk factors. CBD is less addictive and more agreeable (for non-smokers) than nicotine, while mimicking some of the relief responses that nicotine exudes. The HitBit Series One vape is compatible with most industry standard pod systems like Juul, but made exclusively for HitBit CBD Vape Pods.


For those curious about the much-publicized benefits of vaping CBD, the HitBit is a great way to experiment with something that could change your life. To learn more about CBD and its potential health benefits, checkout our “Why CBD” section.




HitBit is in the news.


Everyone’s talking about the ultra-lightweight, super-slim, long-lasting, Juul-compatible vape.


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*Juul is a registered trademark of JUUL LABS, Inc. HitBit is in no way affiliated with JUUL LABS.


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