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Nothing kills your buzz faster than a dead battery.

We’ve all been there. You’re puffing on your vape. You’re feeling great.

But then … your good vibes are shattered the moment the red light of death comes on.

Chad Dearman, a new tech entrepreneur, was a vape user who became frustrated with the typical one-pod battery life.

He hated how the charge only seemed to last through one pod. And he had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that it wasn’t very healthy to be using nicotine anyway.

He would soon realize that many others shared his thoughts, fears and desires about vapes – and there was a huge and exciting opportunity to change the entire industry.

Chad’s path to becoming a vape entrepreneur wasn’t a straight shot. Through Social Hype Today, Chad has amassed well over 1,000,000 followers and an audience network of nearly 20,000,000. This massive network allowed Chad to enjoy a high level of exposure. He has been contacted by international outlets and high-profile content producers like MTV and their TV show Ridiculousness for permission to publish the content Dearman had curated.

Social Hype Today publishes a wide variety of content on social media, including user-submitted videos of the most epic drunk adventures, hilarious memes, hot models, educational content, breaking news and more. With an obviously massive-sized network and personal experiences as a current vape user himself, Dearman saw a great opportunity in the field.

With experience in e-commerce and extensive networking connections, Dearman was well-positioned to create a home run. He worked closely with manufacturers to design a new innovation: a lightweight, super-slim vape that delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience – with a very long-lasting battery life.

Through this new innovation, Dearman has taken the opportunity to further capitalize and make his mark in the industry by offering consumers a premium CBD e-liquid in his very own closed-system disposable vape pods. Dearman has partnered with one of the leading agricultural farmers in Colorado and a top ISO lab (SC labs) to ensure consumers are getting a consistent, high-quality blend of CBD e-liquid without all the bad stuff. Every batch of HitBit CBD pods are human tested by an independent 3rd party to ensure quality and purity. All HitBit CBD pods test THC-free*, Pesticide-free, Vitamin E free, and Nicotine-free; with a CBD potency that accurately reflects HitBit marketing materials. Dearman prides HitBit in being 100% transparent with consumers; making their safety not just his priority, but his mission! The HitBit Series One vape is compatible with most industry-standard pod systems but made exclusively for HitBit CBD Pods.

*Juul is a registered trademark of JUUL LABS, Inc. HitBit is in no way affiliated with JUUL LABS.

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